Since October of last year I serve as a Data Engineer at Fund Accounting Solution Technologies (FAST Inc.), a local startup that offers small municipality governments a financial suite, utility management, municipal court, code permitting, and code enforcement through a SaaS platform. At FAST I oversee all data migrations for our new clients. Day in and day out I’m neck deep in SQL, C#, LINQ queries, Visual Studio 2017, MS SQL Server Manangment Studio, JIRA, Confluence, and a whole heap of CSV, XML, and plain text data files. My responsibilities include dataset analysis and conversions, database management, reporting, & documentation.

For those who prefer bullet points over prose, here’s a list just for you:

  • Solely responsible for conversion of client data to migrate into our backend.
  • Manages a data conversion schedule of over 25+ cities at any given time.
  • Manages close to 100 databases and backups on production, staging, and test servers.
  • Have written to-date over 5,500+ words of process documentation.
  • Spends time daily analyzing/querying client datasets for business case decisions.
  • Works with the Implementation and Support teams to solve ad-hoc client data issues.
  • Coordinates with clients directly to schedule data extractions and initiate data migration.
  • Time is basically split evenly between solo-work and teamwork.
  • Participates in 8:00 A.M. stand-up meetings to assess yesterday’s accomplishments, set today’s goals, and mitigate roadblocks.