Conda Myths Refuted

Jake Vanderplas, over at Pythonic Perambulations, has taken it upon himself to write up a really rich and extensive takedown of all the conda myths and misconceptions he’s come across, some I’ve not even encountered yet.

Here’s the list of 10 conda myths he tackles:

  1. Conda is a distribution, not a package manager
  2. Conda is a Python package manager
  3. Conda and pip are direct competitors
  4. Creating conda in the first place was irresponsible and divisive
  5. Conda doesn’t work with virtualenv, so it’s useless for my workflow
  6. Now that pip uses wheels, conda is no longer necessary
  7. conda is not open source; it is tied to a for-profit company who could start charging for the service whenever they want
  8. But Conda packages themselves are closed-source, right?
  9. OK, but if Continuum Analytics folds, conda won’t work anymore right?
  10. Everybody should abandon (conda | pip) and use (pip | conda) instead!

Jake then spends a little time breaking down whether conda or pip may or not be a good tool in your context. This is a great post to refer your friends to that may be on the fence about these to tools. In my experience, conda has been a much appreciated tool and now my go package manager. I’ve had the best experience with conda over pip on multiple systems, since I’m on Windows at work and macOS and Linux elsewhere.

Go read Jake’s writeup.